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    Driving tips for those hiring a car in Portugal
    Algarve car hire

    The Portuguese drive on the right hand side of the road and overtake on the left. In Your hire car priority is given to the left.

    Speed limits to observe when driving a hire car Algarve
    When driving in a hire car in Portugal the speed limit on Motorway: 120kph/74mph When driving a hire car in Portugal the speed limit in Urban areas: 50kph/31mph When driving a hire car in Portugal the speed limit on Major roads: 100kph/62mph

    Parking a hire car in the Algarve
    Do not park your hire car within 18 meters of a road junction, 15 meters of a bus stop or within 3 meters of a tram or bus stop. This is against regulations and may incur a fine or worse. Also be sure to park your rental car facing the direction of the traffic moving on your side of the road. In Lisbon, it is advisable to have a Blue Zone Parking Disc, available free from local police stations.

    Legalities to be aware of when hiring a car in the Algarve.
    The blood/alcohol limit in Portugal is 0.05%. A blood/alcohol reading of more than 0.12% will result in imprisonment. DO NOT drink and drive in your hire car!

    In Portugal seatbelts are compulsory in the front and rear of all cars including hire cars.

    Children under twelve years of age must travel in the rear of the rental car.

    Non-European licences must be accompanied with an International Driving Permit

    Tolls in Portugal
    Tolls are charged on selected motorways across Portugal,you will need to pay them when driving a hire car on them.

    You may find the following terms useful when hiring a car in the Algarve
    Unleaded gasoline - gasolina sem chumbo
    Diesel - diesel
    Toll - portagem
    Parking - estacionamenfo
    Exit - saida
    Entrance - entrada
    Detour - atalho
    Hospital - hospital
    Police - policia
    Police station - estacao de policia

    If you encounter an emergency while in your hire car in Portugal;
    In emergencies call the Police/Fire/Ambulance Service by dialling 112. Alternatively for less serious matters call your Portuguese car hire company

    To book a Algarve car hire and proceed to our secure booking form or telpehone the Algarve Advice car hire Car Hire help desk on the number above.

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