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    Car hire in Europe A - Z

    Austria has a population of 8 million and its main cities are Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck.The Language used is German.

    Austria is in the heart of Europe and has the Alps as an awesome backdrop. Small Alpine towns make Austria a green and charming country. Take a car hire from Austria to enjoy an Alpine holiday and visit Switzerland, Italy or Germany.

    With a population of nearly 12 million and its cities are Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Liège and the spoken languages are Dutch, French and German.

    In the north of Europe, Belgium is often overlooked or driven through. However this is to miss its charming cities and beautiful architecture. Its proximity to France, Germany, Holland and Britain makes it an ideal start for a touring holiday in a rental car from Belgium.

    Great Britain
    Great Britain is made up of England, Wales and Scotland and has a population of nearly 60 million. The main cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    Country lanes, castles, mountains, lakes, lochs, tea, historic house, culture, pubs, villages and pageantry. Britain has something for everyone. Rent a car in London or hire a car in UK and tour the country all the way to Scotland to see its many sights. If you are arriving in the highlands Inverness hire depot can give you a wide range of vehicles to choose from. The Channel Tunnel also makes it possible to take your hire car to Europe.

    Croatia has a population of nearly 5 million and Zagreb is the capital. Croatia is situated on the Adriatic Coast to the East of the Mediterranean Sea and has some lovely beaches and Islands. Close to Italy, Turkey and Greece you could enjoy a tour of the eastern Med in a hire car from Croatia.

    Not quite a million people live in Cyprus, which is an Island in the eastern Mediterranean with beaches, cliffs and pine forests. Hire a car from Lefkosia and enjoy this Island.

    Czech Republic
    The Czech Republic has a population of over 10 million and Prague is its capital.

    A small country in the heart of the Europe the Czech Republic is a microcosm of Europe with all types of Architecture and landscape. Prague is renowned as a beautiful European city and a good place to visit in a hire car.

    Copenhagen and Århus are the main cities in this country of 5 million people. In the south of Scandinavia, Denmark is to the north of Germany.

    "Wonderful" Copenhagen is a delightful city in a country with many seaboards and Islands. A friendly place and close to other countries it is recommended to rent a car from Denmark.

    On the Northeast of the Baltic Sea, Estonia gained Independence from the Soviet Republic in 1991 and has become a popular destination for those seeking something new. Tallinn is a beautiful city amongst a lovely country with castles and scenery - A great place to visit.

    Finland is in the far Northeast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe with a population of over 5 million. Helsinki is the capital in the south of the country whose stunning architecture, picturesque harbour, cosmopolitan cafes, and world-class museums make it a vibrant city and a good starting point to hire a car in Finland. Forests and lakes make for an idyllic relaxing holiday.

    To the West of mainland Europe, France is a large country with 59 million citizens. The Alps, the Pyrennes, the Cote D,Azur, the Loire Valley and Brittany are just some of the diverse geographical features in this diverse country. However all of France has the same style and love of food and culture. A rich history and culture means that there is so much to see.

    Of course Paris is recognised as one of the worlds premier cities and a good starting place for your vacation. Why not take a car hire from Paris and explore such places as Nice or Dijon. Or start with a car hire from Marseilles and travel north. France is also ideally placed for visiting Spain, Italy or Germany.

    In north central Europe Germany has a population of 82 million. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hanover and Bremen are the main cities, we have car hire Germany branches throughout Germany.

    From Bavaria in the south through to the Rhine Valley, Germany is a lovely country with mountains, plains, forests and lakes. Famous for its musical heritage and Beer Festivals Germany is a great holiday destination. The cities all have different attractions to recommend them and it is a good country to tour in a hire car. Holland, Belgium, France Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland border Germany.

    Greece is on the Mediterranean Sea to the East. Off the mainland Greece has many beautiful Islands and is the cradle of Western civilisation. Many ancient monuments still exist and give the tourist the feeling of Greece's past. Lovely beaches, blue sea, white houses, ferries between Islands and good wine and food make Greece a very popular destination for European travellers. It is recommended to get a car hire from Athens to explore the whole country.

    Holland is on the north of Mainland Europe, between Germany and Belgium. Amsterdam is the capital and Rotterdam the second city. The population is 17 million - Car hire Holland has several car rental branches.

    Holland has a heritage of great artists and has a lovely flat landscape with blooming tulips, windmills, dikes and canals. Amsterdam is a world famous city with 17th-century houses, canals and museums. Amsterdam has a lively nightlife and a great atmosphere. Its proximity to other European countries means that a hire car from Amsterdam is a good idea.

    Hungary is in central Europe with about 10 million inhabitants. Budapest, Debrecen and Miskolc are the main cities. A country steeped in History, Hungary has many attractions to draw the tourist and is quite a unique country. It is bordered by Austria, Rumania and the Czech Republic.

    Iceland is an Island in mid-Atlantic, quite northerly and with a small population. During the summer the days are long and its capital Reykjavík is quite a happening place. A hire car from Reykjavík is needed to see the rest of this unique Island.

    Ireland is to the west of Britain and faces the Atlantic Ocean. Quite a large Island with a sparse population is famed for its lush green countryside, white beaches and welcoming people. Time seems to slow down in Ireland and many tourists find it a relaxing place to visit. Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Wexford and Galway are the principal cities. To see it all take a hire car from Dublin and tour around. Europe

    Italy is in the centre of the Mediterranean and because of its shape has a large coastal area. The population of Italy is about 58 million and the capital is Rome. Principal cities are Milan. Turin, Florence, Naples, Venice - car hire Italy can provide you with a hire car at each of these cities, and their airports. Car hire Milan from all three of Milans airports.

    There is so much to recommend Italy that it is difficult to know where to start. Art, Culture, Food, History, Landscape, shopping and attitude to name but a few reasons to visit Italy. During a hot summer's day you look out from your table in the trattoria in the hilltop village and view the undulating landscape and cypress trees whilst enjoying your fresh pasta and local wine. Perfect. Then hire a car and see other equally appealing sights and cities in Italy

    Luxembourg is a small country where Germany, France and Belgium meet. A constitutional monarchy that over the years has become a fortress, Luxembourg is well worth a visit. It is also a good place to hire a car.

    Malta consists of 5 islands, 3 of which are inhabited, and has a small population of less than half a million. Malta is in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy and its main city is Valetta and enjoys a sunny climate. The Knights of St. John fortified the Grand Harbour at Valletta, one of the Mediterranean's great bastions.

    The Principality of Monaco is one square mile of historic sightseeing, arts and culture, fine dining, sumptuous hotels and luxury shopping .On the south coast of France on it's Riviera on the Mediterranean, Monaco is one of the most glamorous destinations. There is much to see in this region, so a car hire from Monaco is a must.

    Norway is in Scandinavia and faces the Atlantic Ocean. Oslo and Bergen are the main cities. Norway has beaches, flatlands, Fjords, Forests and the Northern Lights. During summer nights it never gets dark so you could have twice the holiday! A large country, a hire car from Oslo is needed to see its magnificence.

    Poland is on the Baltic Sea between Germany and Lithuania. Quite a large country with a population of over 40 million Poland's main cities are Warsaw, Lodz and Kraków which are historic medieval centres. Mostly lowland plains Poland also has mountain ranges, lakes and forests and is well worth a trip in a car hire from Warsaw.

    Portugal is on the Iberian Peninsular next to Spain. It has a large coast facing the Atlantic Ocean and is famed as a year round destination. White beaches, white houses, sports and good food are the main reasons for this. Porto is the capital and the Algarve and the island of Tenerife are the main destinations. A hire car in Portugal is often required to get around.

    Romania is in central Europe north of Bulgaria and between the Balkans, Moldovia and the Ukraine. It also has resorts on the Black Sea. The Danube runs through Romania and the fairy-tale castles medieval towns in Transylvania and the traditional villages in Maramures make Romania an unusual tourist hit.

    Spain is on the Iberian Peninsular and is a well known tourist destination for 45 million tourists Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Malaga, Murcia and Alicante are the main areas of interest. A rich cultural heritage, sun, sea, superb food, hospitality, breathtaking countryside fiestas and siestas are all part of its charm. If you are in a villa or want to travel about then a hire car in Spain is needed. Car hire Murcia and cheap car hire Alicante are not far apart, infact all the car hire Spain branches are well distributed about the country, making one way car rentals in Spain quite possible.

    Sweden is in Scandinavia, between Norway and the Baltic Sea. Stockholm Göthenburg and Malmö are the main cities. Sweden has a variety of experiences including its vibrant cities. It has peaceful countryside, lakes, forests and archipelagos. Sweden is a perfect place to tour in a rental car. Switzerland
    Switzerland is in the centre of Europe in the Alps surrounded by France, Germany, Italy and Austria. Zurich, Geneva and Basel are the main cities and there are numerous villages that serve the Alpine sportspeople in Winter and those who like the clean air in the summer in amongst the many peaks. Find your most convenient Car hire Switzerland rental desk, if you are flying into Geneva Airport, go direct to car hire Geneva Airport. Whether a winter or summer holiday you can get a hire car from Zurich.

    Turkey is in the East of the Mediterranean with the north coast on the Black Sea. Turkey is a land that offers many attractions. Turkey appeals to all tastes and budgets, with a tremendous range of archaeological, historic and recreational attractions in scenic surroundings. Car hire Turkey has many branches, you can rent a car from Ankara, the capital or from Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum and several other locations in Turkey.

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