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    Fully Inclusive car hire prices include:
    Comprehensive Insurance
    Spanish Airport fees & local surcharges
    Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
    Unlimited mileage

    Getting ready for your holiday - our Advice;

    If you hire a car - you need a driving licence; before setting off on your holiday to Spain, Portugal or France, check you have your driving licence, as photocopies or faxed copies will not be accepted. If you a new photo driving licence then you must also take the paper licence. You must have an international driving permit when driving abroad in Spain, Portugal and France. If you would like more information on this check out Driving abroad.

    Road Laws in Spain, Portugal and France;
    When driving in Spain, Portugal and France, familiarise yourself with local road laws; different road signs and road markings, parking areas, speed limits, (especially in Alicante, Faro, Barcelona, and other cities in Spain, Portugal and France) and most of all don't drink and drive! Many countries have a zero tolerance towards blood alcohol levels which means a driver is not allowed to have consumed ANY alcohol before driving. (A car rental supplier reserves the right to refuse to hire a vehicle if they believe that you have consumed alcohol!!)

    Check maps and know where you are heading before you set off in your hire car, it is so dangerous to drive and try and map read at the same time! Especially as in the Algarve, Spain and France you will be driving on the other side of the road. Suss out the hire car controls before you drive away and check to see how much fuel is in the tank - the car rental representatives at car hire spain, and at car hire switzerland as well as car hire Germany are very helpful and will explain the hire car controls to you. Every car is different, so be sure you feel confident before you drive off.

    If you will be travelling to snowy the Alps in Spain or France, you may need to hire a set of snow chains - we advise you to check out the price in a local garage - you'll probably get a better deal than getting them from your car hire firm.

    Luggage labels are very important, attach them to every item of baggage - as well as suitcases. It is a good idea to put a name and address labels inside your bags and cases too. If you want a swift exit from the airport when you arrive in Spain - attaching brightly coloured luggage straps ia a good idea as it means for quick recognision!

    Choose a strong robust suitcase for your holiday in Spain, the Algarve or France that will with hold harsh treatment when it is flung onto an aircraft - this is esential. Nylon roll bags are notorious for splitting - and is so disapointing! Be careful not to over fill your suitcase and remember to pack any valuables in your hand luggage and not in your suitcases.

    The standard lugguage allowance on charter flights to Spain Portugal and France is 20kg (44lb) per person (excluding infants). If your lugguage is over this weight, you may have to pay an excess. On scheduled flights to Spain, the lugguage allowance is normally two pieces of luggage weighing 32kg (70lb) each. For those heading for Spain to play golf, you may carry golf clubs (half set) within these allowances, as long as you inform the airline in advance. Car hire Spain can arange for your hire car to be waiting for your arrival at the Airport in Spain, you won't be troubled with your luggage when you arrive in Spain.The same goes for Portugal and France.

    You are also allowed a piece of hand luggage with you on to the plane to Spain Portugal or France, this should not exceed 5kg. Sometimes hand luggage is weighed, as well as cameras and handbags.

    Our Advice is to travel with a basic first aid kit to cover you in the event of stomach upsets, headaches, sunburn, cuts and grazes. Any prescribed medication that you need to take to Spain with you, should be packed in your hand luggage.

    You are allowed to take the following items on the plane to Portugal, France or Spain with you:

    Medicines in containers up to 500ml or 500g each - up to a total of two litres or two kilograms. Wines and spirits in containers up to five litres. Gas-powered hair curlers (one per person), as long as the safety cap is fitted at all times. Safety matches or one lighter, which uses absorbed liquid or liquefied gas fuel.

    If you are unsure, telephone the airline or Airport to check before setting out on your holiday to Spain, Portugal or France.

    Most airlines flying to Spain, Portugal or France ban the following items from going on the aircraft - they are classed as dangerous goods;

    Poisons, insecticides and weedkillers, corrosives, including car batteries. Firearms, including toys, locking blade knives or implements with more than three-inch blades. Flammable materials such as paints, thinners, lighter fuel, petrol or fire lighters, explosives, fireworks, gases, including compressed cylinders, tear gas, mace or camping gas

    All these items are liable to be confiscated at the airport and given to the handling agent or security Airport Staff.

    Arrange your car hire before you travel to Spain, the Algarve or France Alicante car hire and Barcelona car hire are the busiest car hire Spain branches that we operate, and car hire France is very busy in Portugal. The discounted prices that we give are rarely beaten, and you are safe in the knowledge that your hire car will be waiting for you on arrival in Spain. Equally if you are travelling to Portugal, Algarve car hire will be able to make all your car hire reservations for you prior to your departure.

    To book choose your location for car hire Spain, Algarve car hire or car hire France check out our prices,
    and proceed to our secure booking form or

    Telephone Central Reservations with any questions
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