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    Driving Tips in Germany

    At junctions traffic from the right has priority. Vehicles turning left at a junction must give way to all oncoming traffic. You must let out a bus that is signalling to rejoin the traffic.

    Overtaking in Germany.
    As with most countries be cautious when overtaking in your hire car in Germany. Use the indicators on your hire car to perform an overtaking manoeuvre or to change lane. Do not overtake in urban areas unless it is a dual carriageway. It is prohibited to overtake or pass a school bus, which has stopped, in a built up area in your hire car in Germany.

    Fuel in Geramny.
    There are plenty of fuel stations available to refuel your hire car in Germany, some open for 24 hours. You can pay using a credit card. Unleaded regular is 'bleifrei normal' and super is 'bleifrei super'

    Motorways or Autobahns are toll free and there is a large network so that you can take your hire car across Germany. Service stations are regularly placed on the autobahns with restaurants; accommodation and petrol stations to refill you hire car.

    Parking your hire car in Germany.
    Parking your hire car in Germany is only permitted on the right hand side of the road in designated areas. There are meters and parking discs in operation.

    Traffic lights. When you arrive at traffic lights in your hire car in Germany the international three colour system is used.

    Speed Limits.
    The following speed limits apply to hire cars in Germany
    Built up areas    50 kmh (31 mph)
    Non built up areas    100 -130 kmh (62- 81 mph)
    Motorways    130 kmh (81 mph) recommended

    Carriage of children in a hire car.
    Children under the age of 12 whom are less than 1.50 m in height can only sit in the front of a hire car in Germany that are fitted with a child restraint system. Seat belts must be worn in the rear of a hire car.

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